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In our Financial Forecasting class, you will gain a basic understanding of the key components of a business’ financial forecast, learn how to create a forecast based on your business plans, and build a financial forecast for your business. This class is 6-weeks long and is well suited for small business owners and startup founders who are looking gain a better understanding of the numbers behind their business and create a realistic financial forecast for growth.

What You Will Learn


Topics Covered
Money Mindset
  • Gain an understanding of the energy of money, your relationship with money, and how that plays into your business’ finances
  • Learn how to separate your personal and business finances and how to track your business’ financial information
  • Gather relevant startup expenses and other financial information to understand your business’ financial position
Numbers Demystified
  • Learn about the numbers behind an operating business
  • Gain an understanding of how business and financial metrics tell a story about a business’ progress
  • Identify and articulate the key business and financial metrics that tell the business’ story
Unit Economics
  • Learn about the importance of unit economics as a key metric for understanding the profitability of a product or service offering
  • Learn how to calculate unit economics by establishing what a unit is and breaking down direct costs on a per unit basis
  • Calculate unit economics for each of your business’ current and planned products and services
Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Learn why customer acquisition cost is one of the most important metrics needed to make decisions about marketing and sales channels
  • Learn how to calculate customer acquisition cost by breaking down the costs of marketing and selling your products and services
  • Calculate customer acquisition cost for each of the business’ current and planned sales channels
Forecasting Profit & Loss
  • Gain an understanding of the role financial statements play in a business and learn how to read a profit & loss statement
  • Learn how to translate cost structure into an expense forecast and revenue streams into a revenue forecast
Forecasting Cash Flow
  • Gain an understanding of the components of a cash flow statement
  • Learn how to calculate working capital and capital expenditures needed to grow the business
  • Create a forecast of the business’ cash flow for the next three years


Must have either an up-to-date business or strategic plan or be in the process of creating a business or strategic plan.

Commit to Building Your Business

Average time commitment for our Financing Forecasting class is 8-10 hours / week dedicated to building a realistic financial forecast for your business, and includes the following weekly activities:

Commit to Building Your Business


Activity Weekly Commitment
Background Materials
  • Series of required background readings and videos on each unit to be completed online prior to the weekly online workshop
  • Describes concepts and their applications in building your financial forecast

1-2 hours / week

  • Weekly online workshops led by an expert instructor
  • Lecture and discussion on background materials, group activities, and reflection

2 hours / week

Business Development Activities
  • Weekly activities focused on business development
  • Apply concepts learned in background materials and workshops

4-5 hours / week

Peer Mentoring
  • Weekly phone meetings with small peer group of other business owners in your class
  • Present weekly business development activities and receive constructive feedback from peers

1 hour / week

Meet Your Mentors

Rani Langer-Croager

Rani Langer-Croager

Co-Founder, CEO & Lead Instructor, Mentor


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Our Financial Forecasting class is offered three times a year online.

How Much It Costs

The cost of our Financial Forecasting class consists of a one-time fee. We determine your fee using a sliding scale based on the current annual revenue of your business:

< $100,000
Annual Revenue

$100,000 - $500,000 Annual Revenue

> $500,000 Annual Revenue

$600 one-time fee

$750 one-time fee

$900 one-time fee

We charge a $25 deposit to reserve your space in the class. This deposit is credited against the payment of your course fee, where applicable.

Because we believe cost should not be a barrier, we provide payment plan options based on household income. Ask about our payment plans.

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